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Clean Water, Delicious Water, Healthy Water…Water Purifier
Blue Skies, Green Forests…Air Purifier
Clean, Hygienic and Pleasant…Bidet
For Your Child’s Soft Skin…Water Softener
From Nature to Nature…Food Waste Processor

B.L.I Inc.

Specializing in producing home appliances (water purifier, air purifier, water softener etc.) OEM, ODM

  • Water Purifier

    B.L.I’s technology is recognized not only within the country but also globally.
    We make qualified products in accordance with the NSF/ANSI standards which are strict water quality standards by the Water Quality Association (WQA). Detail View
  • Air Purifier

    Filtering system which allows you to breathe clean and fresh air Detail View
  • Bidet

    There is a wide range of choices depending on the functions and features from low-end, standard to luxury etc. Detail View

Wellbeing Health Care

Since 2000 with the start of manufacturing water purifiers, we are vigorously manufacturing products and in order to reflect the various emotional needs of customers we have excellent talents with abundant experience and professional knowledge who are cont